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Kelly Wortham: My Experimentation Career Journey

Hello all! My name is Kelly, and I consider myself a learner and a connector, then (hopefully) a teacher. Before beginning my experimentation journey, I worked in academia at Missouri State University as an instructor of Organizational Communication and Quantitative Research. This is where I discovered my love of teaching stats and using data to make better decisions.

Timothy Chan: My Experimentation Career Journey

I currently lead Data at Statsig, a modern experimentation platform built for product teams.

Before that, I spent 5 years as a Data Scientist at Facebook, and prior to that I spent a decade designing new drugs for the biotech industry.

Education-wise, I hold a PhD in Chemistry, an MBA, and have had a long-standing interest in applying scientific rigor to making business decisions

Ryan Lucht: My Experimentation Career Journey

I’m Ryan Lucht, and I just joined the experimentation platform Eppo as their Community Evangelist. Prior to joining Eppo, I spent 5+ years as a consultant at Cro Metrics working with brands (as you might guess by the name) more in the “conversion rate optimization” subset of the Experimentation space.